Alamo RCD Senior Assistance Program

Our ARCD Senior Assistance Program helps to improve the quality of life for the elderly by helping them remain healthy and continue to be productive members of the rural communities in which they live. 

Our program addresses the needs of Senior citizens in the areas of nutrition, health, fitness and wellness as we also address the detrimental effects of social isolation.  

Due to the economic situation promulgated by the drought, the local economic downturn in many rural areas, the isolation of many of the rural communities we serve and the increase in the Senior population, the need of Senior assistance in the areas of nutrition, socialization, and wellness in our service area has increased, while funding has decreased, making the ARCD Senior Assistance Program very valuable to the community. 

 Alamo RCD has been working directly with the local community volunteers within this program since 2003. Together, we concentrate on increasing our assistance to local Senior citizens through improved social, nutritional, and health services within our service area. 


Our Senior Assistance Program helps to provide activities for Seniors that improve their health and wholeness within our 10 County area. 

 Alamo RCD Senior Assistance Program will provide:
  • Enhanced nutrition through solid nutrition/meals service and distributions from food pantries.  

  • Improved physical health for Seniors through the facilitation of exercise classes such as yoga, dance and physical fitness, 

  • Improved health and wellness activities such as health screenings, nutritional workshops and demonstrations and Senior Health Fairs,

  • Improved socialization through activities in art, music, crafts, entertainment and games and gardening programs and a recurring schedule of holiday parties and other community social events. 

  • Encouragement of Senior technology classes and communication classes using the web, internet and social networks, when possible. 

  • Capacity growth by connecting them to senior assistance programs for their clients and providing them with a plan of action to improve their programs into the future.  

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