Our ARCD Senior Assistance Program helps to improve the quality of life for the elderly by helping them remain healthy and continue to be productive members of the rural communities in which they live. 

Our program addresses the needs of Senior citizens in the areas of nutrition, health, fitness and wellness as we also address the detrimental effects of social isolation.  

Our rural communities are aging faster than our general population. Our rural seniors were the ones that put Texas Agriculture on the map and now more than 70% of our farms and ranches are run by those over 65 years of age. Combined with the social isolation of many of the rural communities we serve and the lack of local programs for the aging, the need of Senior assistance in the areas of nutrition, socialization, and wellness in our rural service area has increased, while funding has decreased. All these circumstances have made the ARCD Senior Assistance Program very valuable to the communities we serve. . 

 Alamo RCD has been working directly with the local community volunteers within this program since 2003. Together, we concentrate on increasing our assistance to local Senior citizens through improved social, nutritional, and health services within our service area. 


Our Senior Assistance Program helps to provide activities for Seniors that improve their health and wholeness within our 10 County area. 

 Alamo RCD Senior Assistance Program will provide:
  • Enhanced nutrition through augmentation of nutrition/meals service and distributions from our food pantries.  

  • Improved physical health for Seniors through the facilitation of exercise classes and physical fitness programs, 

  • Improved health and wellness activities such as health screenings, nutritional workshops and demonstrations, service connections through our Lunch-n-Learn Sessions.

  • Improved socialization through activities in art, music, crafts, entertainment and games and gardening programs and a recurring schedule of holiday parties and other community social events. 

  • Encouragement of Senior technology and communication training using the web, internet and social networks, when possible. 

  • Capacity growth by connecting them to senior assistance programs and providing them with a plan of action to improve their access to services into the future.  

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Alamo Resource Conservation & Development Area Inc. 
Senior Assistance Program
You can help our rural Seniors Thrive!! Please donate now online or by mail. 
You will be helping make the life of our Seniors healthier and happier!
Alamo RC&D Area Inc. 
Mailing Address:
215 W. Bandera Rd. Suite 114-456
Boerne, Texas 78006
Serving Central Texas as an IRS Designated 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. All donations are tax deductable as per current tax law. 
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Email us for more information or if you would like to volunteer. 
Happy & Healthy Seniors is our Goal!
Music & Entertainment is so much FUN!
Enjoying a meal together at the Faith Tabernacle Church for our Senior Assistance Program.
We provide health & wholeness activities that help our Seniors learn new skills and that also bring them together to for 
BELOW: Sample Event Flyer for Pipe Creek Area Senior   Events & Activities are held each Month. 
Contact us at alamorcd@gmaill.com 
to sign up for our contact list. 
We have a Senior MINI Food Pantry at Faith Tabernacle Church in Pipe Creek open on the 2nd and 4th Fridays of each Month (exception Nov & Dec due to holidays).  
At the Comfort Golden Age Center 
the Food Pantry is open Monday to Friday. 
THANK YOU to our Pantry Volunteers!! Bless you!
See our Program in ACTION! Click on each photo below. 
* John L. Santikos Charitable Foundation Fund         of the San Antonio Area Foundation
* Hill Country Daily Bread Ministries
* Faith Tabernacle Church, Pipe Creek,Texas
* Comfort Golden Age Center Foundation
* MASCAT Consultants
*Tri-County Home Health
* HEB Corporation
* MHM Wesley Nurse Program
* Kendall County United Way of San Antonio
*San Antonio Lighthouse for the Blind
* Hill Country Audiology Service
* AACOG Alamo Area On Aging
* Bandera & Kendall County Food Policy               Councils
Our Seniors LOVE our Sassy Granny Art Classes where they create wonderful works of Hand Crafted Art at they enjoy Friendships and FUN!
Having Fun Playing Dominoes!! 
We Celebrate our Birthdays and Anniversaries!
We  provide our Fun-n-Fitness Program where we utilize low impact chair and standing exercises along with resistance exercises using the Body Gym!  
What FUN! 
Our Senior Assistance Program is currently very active at our Pipe Creek/Lakehills location in Bandera County  at The Way Church (Faith Tabernacle).

Please Click ABOVE for a list of our activities at the Church Fellowship Hall and Pantry Barn. 

Alamo RCD 

Our Senior Assistance Program in Pipe Creek Texas addresses the needs of Senior citizens in and around the Bandera County Area through increased socialization, nutrition, health and wellness. The COVID-19 Pandemic had limited our use of our location at The Way Church (formerly Faith Tabernacle) but NOW.....

We are FULLY OPEN for our 
Senior Assistance Program 
for all activities within our mission. 

Our plan for our Program is to assist our Senior Families with notices distributed through consistent email, text and phone communications so that they can participate in our activities. We also communicate with our members often, sharing prayers, needs and program information. Keep an eye out for our communications!

We are now providing our full program once again!
❤ Monthly food pantries (possibly two per month coming soon!)
❤ Monthly Socials and Health Events, with food, fun, guest speakers, games, prizes and Celebrations! 
 Weekly Fun & Fitness Exercise Classes, sitting and standing gentle exercise meant to strengthen and provide balance. 
❤ Monthly Sassy Granny Art Classes, learn new talents or renew your inborn talents in multiple art and craft areas. 
❤ Other sessions: Lunch and Learn, Pot Luck Lunches, Free Clothing Closet and more. 

We are also working closely with other assistance in collaboration with local agencies such as Silver Sage Senior Center (Bandera) and Hill Country Daily Bread Ministries (Boerne) and other local organizations

Please be patient with us. We will also keep our COVID-19 Health Measures in place and keep a close eye on the CDC Health Recommendations. 

Our seniors are important to us and we will NOT stop helping as long as 
the FUNDS are there! 

What do our SENIORS NEED?
A. Food. Good nutrition is hard to get for them. 
B. Help in paying nagging bills and other expenses,  
C. Personal Hygiene Products, Depends, Poise
D. Heaters and Fans 

COVID-19 is a major danger to their health and well being. 
Please help us HELP our Seniors!
If you are in need of assistance (or know someone who is), please complete or have them complete the application & instructions to the LEFT of this page ASAP.
Seniors of age 55 and over who live in the Pipe Creek/Lakehills area of Bandera County and surrounding nearby areas may apply for 
2023 assistance 
Complete the application ABOVE! 
If you are already registered within our program you will still need to complete the online 2023 application to continue our services. 
Please be detailed and precise in your application process so we can know of specific assistance you need. 
Alamo RCD Senior Assistance Program

Our Senior Assistance Program Economic Relief Assistance will begin again soon (dependent on funding). When possible, we provide Financial Assistance for items such as rent, utilities, medical bills, medicine copays etc. You must have completed your 2023 application and then make a specific request online with a second application. At this time, you will be placed on a "waiting list" until future funding comes in. 

Thank you, 
Alamo RCD Board of Directors 
Since 2012 our Senior Assistance Program is PROUD to state that we provided multilayered assistance to our Seniors (over age 55) who live in Bandera County and surrounding areas, with the help of our volunteers and collaborating partners. 

We gave them good nutrition, hope and companionship through our Curbside Pantry, our consistent online communications, our volunteer work and individual phone referrals and individualized economic assistance.