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Alamo Resource Conservation & Development Area Inc. 
Our Program Mission is to engage young people, as active citizens, in student led projects that improve the environment, provide academic enrichment and assist their communities
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YOU can make a difference!

Help Alamo RC&D now and you will be making it a better world for you and your community!

YOU can make a great impact. Please join,donate or volunteer to help our YOUTH create a better tomorrow!  Our mission is here for each and every one of you as we help protect your environment, enhance your safety and enhance agricultural productivity. We also help instill our children with an apprecation for nature and our natural resources because they are our future!  Each part of our mission makes your community a better place to live! Please help now! 

Alamo RC&D Area Inc. 
Mailing Address:
215 W. Bandera Rd. Suite 114 - 456
Boerne, Texas 78006
Serving Central Texas as an IRS Designated 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. All donations are tax deductable as per current tax law.
Protecting our Environment and  Enhancing our Communities
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Students learn Leadership and enhance their academics as they GIVE back to their Community!! 

                                   How great is that!!

To provide a future where every individual becomes a lifelong environmental steward who will play a positive role in building and maintaining environmentally, agriculturally  enhanced communities that are resilient and thriving. 

The students will 
Choose a project that reflects a local need and strive to implement that project within a selected time period (example: Three to six months) so that the need is impacted positively. Student projects will help to solve a problem in their own communities dealing with our mission (paper drives, trash pic-ups, water conservation projects, land conservation projects, agricultural projects etc.), 

Integrate academic enrichment components and/or activities within their projects (With the help of Alamo RCD and other Sponsors) in Science, Math, Art, Environmental Science, Agriculture, and Technology, as they also practice leadership, public speaking and presentation skills and social responsibility. 

Report and communicate their project with Alamo RCD, their mentors and sponsors via email, text and phone. Student should be able to submit photos, videos etc. to demonstrate their success as they also use email communication to share and communicate project needs, successes and means of implementations

Acquire a main Sponsor, Volunteers and Matching Funding from their local communities to help implement and fund their project (in monetary donations or in-kind goods to a minimum of $200 in value) in the name of Alamo RCD Area Inc. (Alamo RCD provides a minimum of $200 in product support for their project.) 

Have adult supervisors at a ratio of at least one for every five youth involved. 

Become a member of Alamo RCD Youth 4 - Earth FIRST with an annual membership fee (whole families can join also) and encourage others to do the same. 

Complete an Alamo RCD "project proposal" that provides information on the proposed project, mission, objectives, activities, budget, impact etc. (ie a mini grant proposal) to receive Alamo RCDs support and provide intermittent progress reports online (via email or text) of project progress. The student must also complete a final project report on impact and success of their project and attend an Awards Ceremony (like our current Harvest Celebrations) for recognition on their successful project. 
Volunteer Application
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Youth 4 - Earth FIRST 
          Where Kids Make It happen!
Molly's Sewing Seeds Y4EF Project at the Sunshine Cottage for the Death in San Antonio, Texas  Spring 2017

Do You want to complete a 
Y4EF Project????

Contact A. Aguirre at alamorcd@gmail.com
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Christine instilled the value of clean water in her project "Water as a Living Legacy"