Alamo Resource Conservation &
Development Area Inc.
(Alamo RCD)

Established in 1993:
to help communities and the people who make them thrive meet local needs by protecting our Water and Land resources, encouraging Environmental Sustainability, promoting Agriculture, empowering our Youth, strengthening our Seniors as we also enhance the quality of life for all citizens in our area.

Alamo Resource Conservation & Development Area Inc.:
was created as a unique program for local citizens to help themselves. As a vibrant nonprofit organization, Alamo RC&D has been helping the Central Texas community since 1993.

Our mission:
To assist our rural communities and the people who make them thrive meet local needs, by protecting our water and land resources, encouraging environmental sustainability, promoting agriculture and enhancing the quality of life for Youth and Senior Citizens within our 10 county area.

Alamo RC&D provides programs that assist residents:
within the counties of Atascosa, Bandera, Bexar, Comal, Frio, Guadalupe, Kendall, Kerr, Medina and  Wilson Counties.

The goals of our mission are to:
  • Provide Agricultural and Environmental Education for all,
  • Improve Water and Land Resource Management through education,
  • Teach Kids how to Garden through our Growing Rural Youth Garden Program
  • Help Youth grow in leadership, purpose and knowledge through our Youth 4 Earth FIRST Program
  • Help Senior Citizens through our Senior Assistance Program
  • Assist Nonprofits and other service agencies with training through our Community Development Program
  • Provide Disaster Relief at times of local or regional disasters,
  • Enhance our rural communities for all our area citizens.

Alamo RC&D Makes It Happen!
Donations toward our mission
are always greatly appreciated!
Donate ONLINE or
Please contact Alamo RC&D at:
Mailing Address:
215 W. Bandera Road, Suite 114- 456
Boerne, Texas 78006
Email: [email protected]
Visit us on Facebook and Twitter at /alamorcd
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Alamo RC&D Area Inc.
Mailing Address:
215 W. Bandera Rd. Suite 114-456
Boerne, Texas 78006
[email protected]
Serving Central Texas as an IRS Designated 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. All donations are tax deductable as per current tax law.
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Protecting our Environment and Enhancing our Communities
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Board Meetings
are held on even months of the year. Keep in touch for exact dates and locations.
All meetings are open to the public.
Please come by and visit with us!
Come participate in our mission and to see our programs in action.

Alamo Resource Conservation & Development Area Inc.
YOU can Make a Difference!!
Please find it in your heart to donate to our programs this giving season. We have a lot going on and we need your help!
  • Growing Rural Youth Garden Program
  • Senior Assistance Program
  • Agri-Land Workshops: Environmental, Agricultural, Water and Land stewardship & Online Education
  • Disaster Relief Assistance Program (COVID-19 Relief)
  • Youth-4 Earth FIRST Program
  • Community Development Program

Please donate on line or 
mail your donations
in to Alamo RCD. Thank you!!
( Your donations are tax deductible
as per IRS Law. )
Please visit our Social Network Pages for more program info and pictures!!
Improving Agriculture,
Saving our water & lands,
Stewarding our Environment,
Empowering our Youth,
Strengthening our Seniors,
and Enhancing our rural communities!
Please visit our Disaster Relief Page NOW! Alamo RCD is Helping in times of community wide hardship and need through our Disaster Relief Program
Seniors of age 55 and over who live in the Pipe Creek/Lakehills area of Bandera County and surrounding nearby areas may apply for our
Senior Assistance Program
(including our
Food PANTRY and other activities)
for 2024 HERE.
Complete the application below.
Please VISIT our "HELPING SENIORS" page for more information.
Our 2024 Senior Assistance
Program registration is required. Donations for our Senior Assistance Program are much needed NOW!
Please donate today!
Please go to our MEMBERSHIP Page and join our Agri-Land Resource Academy!
Apply now for a DISCOUNT and great services!
Our programs need YOU!

Please give by mail or online!

Your gift will make it all happen for each of our Programs.....
** Agricultural/Environmental
**Growing Rural Youth Garden's
**Youth for Earth Program
**Senior Assistance Program
**Disaster Relief Program
**Community Development Program

Please visit our Growing Rural page for more Garden Program Information and for a Boerne Garden Program 2024 Welcome Packet/APPLICATION!
Please visit our Youth 4Earth page for more Information Now! Alamo RCD is Helping Kids Learn about the Environment and Agriculture through Youth 4Earth Individualized Projects.
Interested in LEGACY GIVING?
Please visit our Legacy Giving Page NOW! Alamo RCD can help you to leave a wonderful legacy for the future through our mission.
Complete your 2024 Senior Assistance Program Application NOW!
(see below)
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